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Software Engineering Titles

  • Windows Device Drivers: Practical Foundations (ISBN: 978-0955832840)
  • DebugWare: The Art and Craft of Writing Troubleshooting and Debugging Tools (ISBN: 978-0955832833)
  • Deep Down C++ (ISBN: 978-1906717124)
  • Software Generalist: 256 Things You Need to Know (ISBN: 978-0955832895)
  • Software Engineering Notebooks, Volume 1 (ISBN: 978-1906717148)
  • Voice Recognition: Command and Control (ISBN: 978-1906717094)
  • The Opentask Guide to Modern Software Engineering Writing (ISBN: 978-1906717049)
  • Dictionary of Debugging (ISBN: 978-1906717353)
  • First Fault Software Problem Solving: A Guide for Engineers, Managers and Users (ISBN: 978-1906717421)
  • Software Tracing and Logging: Architecture, Design, Implementation and Analysis Patterns (ISBN: 978-1906717728)
  • Windows Multithreading: Practical Foundations (ISBN: 978-1906717742)
  • Software Defect Construction: Simulation and Modeling of Software Bugs (ISBN: 978-1906717759)
  • Debugger Engine Architecture (ISBN: 978-1906717858)
  • Windows Code Reading: Practical Foundations (ISBN: 978-1906717957)
  • Software Behavior: A Guide to Systematic Analysis (ISBN: 978-1906717162)
  • English for Software Engineers (ISBN: 978-1908043108)
  • Introduction to Pattern-Driven Software Problem Solving (ISBN: 978-1908043177)
  • Postmodern C++ (ISBN: 978-1908043221)
  • Advanced iOS Debugging (ISBN: 978-1908043269)
  • Data Structures and Algorithms for Memory Dump Analysis and Debugging (ISBN: 978-1908043306)
  • Software Diagnostics: Requirements, Architecture, Design, Implementation and Improvement (ISBN: 978-1908043627)
  • Agile Software Diagnostics (ISBN: 978-1908043665)
  • A Pattern Language for Software Diagnostics, Forensics, and Prognostics: Memory, Traces, Deconstruction (Volume I) (ISBN: 978-1908043818)
  • Software Trace and Memory Dump Analysis: Patterns, Tools, Processes and Best Practices (ISBN: 978-1908043238)
  • DebugWare: The Art and Craft of Writing Troubleshooting and Debugging Tools, Second Edition (ISBN: 978-1908043955)