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Computer Science Titles

  • The Design of the Cantor Operating System: Future Computers, Computation and Memory in the Transfinite Universe (ISBN: 978-1906717612)
  • The Variety of Software: The Richness of Computation (ISBN: 978-1906717544)
  • Software Generalist: 256 Things You Need to Know (ISBN: 978-0955832895)
  • Imperfect Debugger: Why Computers Can't Debug (ISBN: 978-1908043054)
  • Generative Debugging: Theory and Application (ISBN: 978-1908043184)
  • Data Structures and Algorithms for Memory Dump Analysis and Debugging (ISBN: 978-1908043306)
  • Software Narratology: An Introduction to the Applied Science of Software Stories (ISBN: 978-1908043078)
  • The Structure of Twitter Narrative: Applied Patterns from Software Narratology and Human-Computer Narratives (ISBN: 978-1908043610)
  • Software Diagnostics: The Collected Seminars (ISBN: 978-1908043641)