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Music I listen to when I write code or debug

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Artist Title
3rd Force 3rd Force
3rd Force Force Field
3rd Force Force of nature
3rd Force Vital Force
Al Di Meola World Sinfonia
Alan Parsons Tales of mystery and imagination
Ambient Around the world, 99
Anderson Jon Toltec
Anderson, Bruford, Wakeman, Howe
Aphrodite's Child 666
Art of Noise Below the Waste
Art of Noise Daft
Art of Noise The ambient collection
Art of Noise Who's afraid the art of noise
Bach English Suites (4,5 & 6)
Bach The Art of Fugue
Bais Coen Aries
Bayless John Romantica
Beethoven Piano Sonatas (14 & 29)
Beethoven The Cello Sonatas
Bekker Hennie African Tapestries
Black Sabbath Master of Reality
Black Sabbath Mob Rules
Black Sabbath Paranoid
Black Sabbath Technical Ecstasy
Black Sabbath The eternal idol
Blonker Journey to the windward islands
Blonker The best of
Bush Kate Never for ever
Bush Kate The whole story
Byrne David Byrne
Camel Dust and Dreams
Camel The Single Factor
Camel Moon Madness
Canadian Brass Super Hits
Computer Sound Vol 4
Computer Sound Vol. 3
Country Gold
Cruise Julee The voice of love
CUSCO 2000
CUSCO 2002
CUSCO Ancient Journeys
CUSCO Mystic Island
CUSCO Water stories
Deep Forest Columbia
Deep Forest Dao Dezi
Deep Forest Wes
Deep Forest World Mix
Dire Straits Alchemy
Dire Straits Gold
Dolby Astronauts & Heretics
Dolby The best of
Dolby The flat earth
Dolby The golden age of wireless
Dorsey Don Beethoven or Bust
Dorsey Don Busted
Double Fantasy Food for Fantasy
Dulfer Candy Big Girl
Ekseption Elseption plays Bach
ELO Greatest Hits
Eloy Ocean 2
ELP Pictures at an exhibition
ELP The best of
Elton John Aida
Eno Ambient 4/On land
Eno Apollo
Eno Desert Island Selection
Eno The Shutov Assembly
Era Voice of Gaia
Farmer Mylene Anamorphosee
Farmer Mylene Cendres de lune
Farmer Mylene L'antre
Favourite Classics
Ferry Brian Bete Noire
Fleetwood Mac Time
Foreigner The very best of
Fripp Blessing of tears
Fripp Live!
Future Sound of London Amorphous Androgynous
G.E.N.E. BALI-Sunrise
G.E.N.E. KatChina
G.E.N.E. Mediterranean Mood
G.E.N.E. Pfluting Paradise
G.E.N.E. Rain Forest
Galaxy Vol. 2
Genesis Gold
Genesis Calling all stations
Gentle Giant Interview & Gentle Giant
Gentle Giant Three friends & Octopus
Glass Glass Organ Works
Glass Pawaqqatsi
Glass Solo Piano
Glass Songs from the Trilogy
Glass Symphony No. 2
Glass Symphony No.3
Glass The photographer
Glassfield Libra
Goodall Medwyn Excalibur
Goodall Medwyn Leo
Goya The very best of
Gunn Afternoon in Sedona
Gunn The Sacred Fire
Isaak Chris Speak of the Devil
Jarre Chronologie
Jarre En attendant Cousteau
Jarre Magnetic Fields
Jarre Odyssey Through O2
Jarre Oxygene
Jarre Oxygene 7-13
Jarre Rendez-Vous
Jarre Zoolook
Jethro Tull A passion play
Jethro Tull Aqualung
Jethro Tull Benefit
Jethro Tull Heavy Horses
Jethro Tull Songs from the Wood
Jethro Tull The best of
Kansas Platinum
Kennedy Nigel Kafka
Kenny G Faith
Kenny G Greatest Hits
Kitaro Astral Voyage
Kitaro Best of
Kitaro Dream
Kitaro From the full moon story
Kitaro Gaia Onbashira
Kitaro Heaven Earth
Kitaro KI
Kitaro Kojiki
Kitaro Mandala
Kitaro Noah's Ark
Kitaro Oasis
Kitaro Peace on Earth
Kitaro Silk Road II
Kitaro Tenku
Kitaro Towards the West
Knopfler Golden Heart
Knopfler Neck and Neck
Knopfler Sailing to Philadelphia
Knopfler Screen playing
Koto From the dawn of time
Kraftwerk 1&2
Liebert Ottmar The very best
Liszt Sonata in B minor, Dante Fantasia
Mahavishnu Orchestra Visions of the emerald beyond
Marillion A singles collection
Marillion Afraid of Sunlight
Marillion B'sides Themselves
Marillion Clutching at Straws
Marillion Intact
Marillion Misplaced Childhood
Marillion Radiation
Marillion Script for a jester's tear
Marillion Tales from the engine room
Marillion This Strange Engine
Mauriat Paul la Musique Cinema
Mergener African Mile
Mergener The Artist Editon Best of
Motion Picture Titanic
Nelson Willie Spirit
New Age The best of, Vol 3
New Age The best of, Vol 4
New Japan Music
Oldfield Amarok
Oldfield Crises
Oldfield Discovery
Oldfield Earth Moving
Oldfield Guitars
Oldfield Heaven's Open
Oldfield Hergest Ridge
Oldfield Incantations
Oldfield Islands
Oldfield Ommadawn
Oldfield Platinum
Oldfield QE2
Oldfield The Killing Fields
Oldfield The millenium bell
Oldfield The orchestral tubular bells
Oldfield The Songs Of Distant Earth
Oldfield Tubular Bells
Oldfield Tubular Bells II
Oldfield Tubular Bells III
Oldfield Voyager
Paganini 24 Capricci
Pink Floyd A Momentary Lapse of Reason
Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon
Pink Floyd The Final Cut
Pink Floyd The Wall
Pink Floyd Wish you were here
Portishead Portishead
Rachmaninov Piano Concertos No. 1-4, Paganini Rhapsody
Raitt Bonnie Nick of Time
Redhot+ Rhapsody
Rock Session (Russian)
Rock'n Roll
Rondo Veneziano Sinfonia Di Natale
Rondo Veneziano The best of
Rush Chronicles
Saint-Preux Concerto pour piano
Saint-Preux To be or not
Saskia Laroo Body music
Schulze "X"
Schulze Angst
Schulze Are you sequenced?
Schulze Audentity
Schulze Babel
Schulze Black Dance
Schulze Body Love
Schulze Das Wagner Desaster
Schulze Dig It
Schulze Dosburg Online
Schulze Dresden Performance
Schulze Drive Inn
Schulze Dune
Schulze EN=Trance
Schulze Goes Classic
Schulze In Blue
Schulze Irrlicht
Schulze Miditerranean Pads
Schulze Mirage
Schulze Moondawn
Schulze Picture Music
Schulze Poland Live '83
Schulze Royal Festival Hall, Vol. 1
Schulze Royal Festival Hall, Vol. 2
Schulze The dark side of the Moog 4
Schulze The dome event
Schulze Timewind
Schulze Trancefer
Scorpions Crazy World
Serrie Jonn And the stars go with you
Sevag Global House
Sevag Link
Sevag Visual
Shahin & Sepehr Worl Cafe '98
Shostakovich Symphony No. 5
Shrieve Michael Transfer Station Blue
Software Cave
Software Modesty-Blaze
Software Software Visions
Software Space Design
Space Space in Trance
Special EFX Masterpiece
Spheeris Culture
Spheeris Dancing with the muse
Spheeris Desires
Spheeris Enchantment
Spheeris Eros
Spheeris Europa
Spheeris Mystic Traveller
Spheeris Pathways to surrender
Supertramp Breakfast in America
Supertramp Crime of the Centry
Supertramp Even in the quietest moments…
Supertramp Indelibly Stamped
Supertramp Some things never change
Supertramp Supertramp
Sweet Gold
Tangerine Dream Alpha Centauri
Tangerine Dream Atem
Tangerine Dream Cyclone
Tangerine Dream Electronic Meditation
Tangerine Dream Exit
Tangerine Dream Flashpoint
Tangerine Dream Goblins Club
Tangerine Dream Hyperborea
Tangerine Dream Le parc
Tangerine Dream Lily on the beach
Tangerine Dream Melrose
Tangerine Dream Oasis
Tangerine Dream Optical Race
Tangerine Dream Phaedra
Tangerine Dream Ricochet
Tangerine Dream Rock on
Tangerine Dream Rubycon
Tangerine Dream Sorcerer
Tangerine Dream Tangram
Tangerine Dream The dream mixes
Tangerine Dream Tyger
Tchaikovsky Piano Concerto No. 1
The 70's collection
The 80's collection
The best of Celtic Dance Vol. 2
The Higher Octave Collection Daytime
The instrumental collection 1986-1996 Evolution
The Organ of Riga Dom Vol. 2&3
The Rippingtons Black Diamond
The sounds of nature 4CD
Timmermans Seven Bridges
Tomita Kosmos
Tomita Pictures at an exhibition
Tomita Snowflakes are Dancing
Tomita The Planets
Ultravox Quartet
Vanessa Mae
Vangelis 1492
Vangelis Albedo 0.39
Vangelis Antarctica
Vangelis Beaubourg
Vangelis Blade Runner
Vangelis Chariots of Fire
Vangelis China
Vangelis Direct
Vangelis Heaven and Hell
Vangelis Invisible Connections
Vangelis La Fete Sauvage
Vangelis L'apocalypse des animaux
Vangelis Mask
Vangelis Oceanic
Vangelis Opera Sauvage
Vangelis Page of Life
Vangelis Private Collection
Vangelis Reprise 1990-1999
Vangelis See you later
Vangelis Short Stories
Vangelis Soil Festivities
Vangelis Spiral
Vangelis The City
Vangelis The Friends of Mr. Cairo
Vangelis Voices
Vangelis El Greco
Virtual Audio Project Apocalypse
Vivaldi The Four Seasons (Spivakov)
Vollenweider Dancing with the Lion
Vollenweider Down to the Moon
Vollenweider Eolian Minstrel
Vollenweider Kryptos
Wahnfried Richard Miditation
Wahnfried Richard Time Actor
Wahnfried Richard Tonwelle
Waits Tom Beautiful maladies
Waits Tom Blue Valentine
Waits Tom Bone Machine
Waits Tom Rain Dogs
Waits Tom Selection
Waits Tom Swordfish Trombones
Waits Tom The Black Rider
Wakeman 1984
Wakeman A suite of gods
Wakeman Aspirant Sunrise
Wakeman Aspirant Sunset
Wakeman Aspirant Sunshadows
Wakeman Cost of living
Wakeman Country Airs
Wakeman Crimes of Passion
Wakeman Criminal Record
Wakeman Fields of green
Wakeman Heritage Suite
Wakeman Journey to the centre of the earth
Wakeman Lisztomania
Wakeman MasterSeries
Wakeman No Earthly Connection
Wakeman Recollections
Wakeman Return ti the center of the earth
Wakeman Rhapsodies
Wakeman Sea Airs
Wakeman Silent Nights
Wakeman Softsword
Wakeman Stella Bianca
Wakeman The Classical Connection 2
Wakeman The Family Album
Wakeman The myths and legends of King Arthur
Wakeman The piano album
Wakeman The private collection
Wakeman The Six Wives of Henry VIII
Wakeman Time machine
Wakeman Tribute
Wakeman Voyage
Wakeman White Rock
Wakeman with Wakeman No expense spared
Waters Roger Amused to Death
Wendy Carlos Switched on Bach 2000
Wendy Carlos Switched on brandenburgs, Vol 2
Wilde Now & Forever
Wright Broken China
Yanni If I could tell you
Yanni In the Mirror
Yanni Keys to Imagination
Yanni Live at the Acropolis
Yanni Port of Mystery
Yello Essentrix Remixes
Yello Flag
Yello One Second
Yello Stella & You gotta say yes to another excess
Yello Baby

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